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Welcome to PRISM ~ VICTOR GARBER ONLINE, a website dedicated to Canadian actor Victor Garber. Here you'll find the most up-to-date information on Victor's work in film, television. the stage and the internet. Included here is a photo gallery, exclusive media site, biography and detailed filmography. This site is originates from Victor's hometown of London, Ontario; Canada. Victor is best known for his roles of Agent Jack Bristow on Alias, Jordan Weathersby from Eli Stone and Kip Wallace from Web Therapy. His films include Titanic, Exotica, Sleepless in Seattle, Godspell, First Wives Club and for his stage roles in Art, Sweeney Todd, Assassins, Damn Yankees, & Present Laughter.
Current Projects
playing Nicks Owner Dolan Luis
Release Date:2012
Status: Pre-Production
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Victor Garber No Image Available @ Victor Garber Online


playing Ambassador Ken Taylor
Release Date:2012
Status: Post-Production
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Victor Garber Argo @ Victor Garber Online


The Guys Who Move Furniture
playing N/A
Release Date:2012
Status: Post-Production
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Victor Garber and Duck from The Guys Who Move Furniture


The Republic of Doyle
playing Garrison Steele
Airdate: February 2012
Episode: E3X04-Rusted Steele
Status: Archived
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Victor Garber as Garrison Steele on Republic of Doyle on CBC

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Author: Victor Garber Online | Posted On: 16 March, 2013
Happy 63rd Birthday Victor

VICTOR GARBER ONLINE wants to wish Victor a Happy Birthday. He’s 63 years young today. Here’s hoping he spends today with those he loves. I hope Rainer has something special planned for him today. Feel free to wish Victor a happy one in the comments.

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Author: Victor Garber Online | Posted On: 15 January, 2013
Victor Garber Confirms He’s Gay

I am terribly proud of Victor for his bravery at admitting this. It’s about time he was able to come out and admit his love for the love of his life, the handsome Rainer Andreesen. Congratulations to him for this admission. Now I’m hoping all his stalker gramas will leave him alone and stop thinking they can ‘save’ him. The article is below.

‘Titanic’ Star Victor Garber Comes Out As Gay

Victor Garber, the US actor who has starred in the likes of ‘Titanic’, ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Argo’ and the hit TV series ‘Alias’ has come out as gay – just a day after Jodie Foster did the same at the Golden Globes.

The star confirmed he was living with his male partner during an interview with Greg In Hollywood.

When he was asked about an entry on his Wikipedia page that states he lives with his partner Rainer Andreesen in New York, he said: “I don’t really talk about it, but everybody knows. He’s going to be out here with me for the SAG Awards.”

Despite having a relatively low profile, Garber has had a hugely successful career on both the big and small screens.

He can currently be seen in Ben Affleck’s Golden Globe-winning ‘Argo’ as well as on the small screen playing corporate executive and family patriarch Robert Bowers in ‘Deception’.

Could this be the start of a ‘coming out’ trend in Hollywood? We hope so – and can’t help but wonder who’ll be next?


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Author: Victor Garber Online | Posted On: 11 April, 2012
Victor Returns Home for JDRF

Victor is returning to London, Ontario on behalf of the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. A dinner is being held and the proceeds will go to the foundation. Here is the information:

The Meal Reception & Dinner

WHERE The Hilton, London, ON
WHEN Sunday, April 22, 2012
TIME reception 5pm – Dinner 6pm

For the 30th consecutive year, a group of the most talented Chefs in the London area will serve a feast of culinary delights to approximately 350 – 400 foodies and gourmets in support of the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA). Known simply as The Meal, the fundraiser will be hosted again at the London Hilton, home of Executive Chef Todd Pylypiw, on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012. Bill Brady will once again be the emcee for the evening.

To mark this milestone, London’s own Victor Garber will be this year’s Honourary Chair of The Meal. Victor, a longtime supporter of the CDA, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age twelve.

Tickets for the reception and dinner are $150 all inclusive, food and drink, and are available from the local CDA office by calling 519-673-1630, Ext. 222 or by email –


I’ll be watching the London news stations to see if Victor will be giving any interviews on it. Likely he will. Fingers crossed I’ll have it to you soon after the event.

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Author: Victor Garber Online | Posted On: 16 March, 2012
Happy Birthday Victor

Victor Garber Online wishes to congratulate Victor on the occasion of his 63rd Birthday. Here’s hoping Victor had a great day and spent it with loved ones. Thank you Victor for all the great work you’ve done over the years and here’s to many more.

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Author: Victor Garber Online | Posted On: 06 December, 2011
Showtime Renews “Web Therapy” for Season Two

According to many sources, Showtime has renewed WEB THERAPY for a second season. The write up below and more after the cut:

Web Therapy Renewed for Season 2 by Showtime

Written By Shilo Adams
December 5th, 2011 – (1 days ago)

Dr. Fiona Wallace is getting another shot at bringing her modality to the public, as Showtime has renewed Web Therapy for a second season. Comprised of at least ten episodes, season two would debut sometime in 2012, though there’s no word on when or what show (if any) it’ll air with.

What is known about season two is the impressive list of guest stars, including the likes of Meryl Streep, Conan O’Brien, Rosie O’Donnell, and Minnie Driver. Guest stars from season one ranged from Courteney Cox to Alan Cumming to Jane Lynch, among others. Returning for season 2 will be Lily Tomlin (Nine to Five) as Fiona’s mother Putsy, Dan Bucatinsky (The Comeback) as Fiona’s ghostwriter Jerome, and Victor Garber (Alias) as Fiona’s husband Kip.

When last we left self-obsessed Fiona (Lisa Kudrow, Friends), Kip had decided to run for a Senate seat, which seemed to put a bandaid on whatever iciness that had been going on in their marriage. Her new brand of therapy, consisting of 3 minute webcam sessions, has yet to get off the ground, so what better way for an ambitious person like Fiona to go than senator’s wife?

Web Therapy (the TV series) originated from Web Therapy (the 5-time Webby-winning internet series), as the roots of the show go back to 2009 on The Showtime episodes consist of the shorter web segments stitched together with newly shot footage to fill out the 25 minute or so runtime. In total, there are 51 web episodes of Web Therapy, with the fourth internet season currently airing. The show wrapped its first TV season this past September.

Do you think Kip has what it takes to be a successful senator? How do you think the book that Fiona is “writing” will turn out? Will web therapy finally take off with Fiona’s new found notoriety?

Considering that Victor was in the final episode and this is following the web series pretty well, we should see more of the beleaguered Kip. I can hardly wait. I love Lisa Kudrow and have always thought she was the most talented of the FRIENDS cast. Her Fiona is just a hoot to watch and I love her interplay with Victor. I’m thanking the gods at Showtime for their vision. With all the crap on television currently, it’s good to see something that is not only smart but funny remain on air.

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Author: Victor Garber Online | Posted On: 17 November, 2011
“Titanic” 100th Anniversary Re-Release in 3D

James Cameron is re-releasing TITANIC in 2012 for the 100th anniversary of the sinking and he’s just released the new trailer for the film. I’m posting it here due to its including Victor in two key scenes. More below the cut.

More “Jack….Rose….Jack….Rose” Ironically, I just rewatched this only a little while ago and for me, I would like to have seen Cameron edit all Jack and Rose’s scenes out and give us more the REAL story. My favourite parts are with Smith (Bernard Hill), Andrews (Victor Garber), Murdoch (Ewen Stewart), Ismay (Jonathan Hyde)and we needed to see more of the Strauses, steerage class passengers such as that Irish woman with her kids (Jenette Goldstein, Vasquez from Cameron’s “Aliens”) and other moments that are in the parlance of the rivet counters, the historical moments. Personally, I’ll stay home. I hate 3D and don’t understand why everything has to be in that format these days. What happened to just telling a straight story without all the flash? But then that’s my own personal feeling.

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Author: Victor Garber Online | Posted On: 17 November, 2011
“Web Therapy” Season 01 Screencaps

For my first real post, the other one was just the introductory one, I thought I’d get Victor’s episodes of WEB THERAPY done. I still have the media, meaning the clips, to do but the caps are ready for you. Here is Victor as Kip Wallace.


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Author: Victor Garber Online | Posted On: 16 November, 2011
Hello & Welcome to Prism ~ Victor Garber Online

Hello & welcome to PRISM ~ VICTOR GARBER ONLINE, a website dedicated to Canadian actor Victor Garber. This site had been online before but in a different form. It was a slight misfire that zapped what was of this site into cyberspace. What I mean is that I deleted it … accidentally. So with some thought and need I decided to put it back online in a new and more exciting form. I’ve employed WordPress as my content management system and designed a new theme for both the main site and the gallery. I truly hope this becomes a great place for you to get your Victor Garber fix. One caveat to the whole site though. Please do not take any of the graphics unless they are the linkback buttons. Why? They mean nothing outside of this site. They are used in the headers and the sidebars. There are more than enough images in the gallery for you to use what you need to create your own incredbile works than to take the graphics I’ve worked on to bring this site to you. Next is the gallery usage. Please do not take any of the images for another gallery or site without crediting back to this site. It’s taken a lot for me to get HIRES copies of Victor’s work so for you to arbitrarily take and call it your own is not cool. If you would like to post a photo from the gallery on a message board, please use the convenient copy and paste code I’ve provided at the bottom of each image in the gallery. That way you can share, but not take and again, credit back to this site. Lastly, If you are going to spam this site, forget it. I’ve employed certain countermeasures to stop spam assassins from taking over. Both the main site and the gallery are protected. So now that stuff is out of the way, please feel free to peruse the site and to share this link with your other Victor fans. Please bear with me as I get things added to the gallery as well as pages added to the site. Thanks and it’s good to be back.

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